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Katie here! I'm going to hijack our blog for a few minutes because I don't have a personal blog, so bear with me for one sec because I need to say this.

I've been married to my childhood sweetheart for 10 years today. That's right my childhood sweetheart. He wrote me a love letter in the first grade. I'm not kidding. Here's proof:

Our wedding was everything I could have ever imagined. My dress was Chantilly lace and covered with Swarovski crystals. I dreamed of fairy tales and romantic comedies. I liked fancy presents, sparkly jewelry, and extravagant vacations.We were 21 when we got married. We had no idea what we were doing. And I mean NO idea.

I still love ( like LOVE LOVE) presents, sparkly jewelry, and fairy tales, but over the past 10 years, more specifically the past 4 years, and then even more so this past year, I've learned that true love is not butterflies and rainbows. True love is not a feeling. Let me repeat that. True love is NOT a feeling.

True love is sacrificial and sometimes really hard. It's going to intensive counseling because you are determined to fight for your marriage. It's a choice you make every single day.

True love is rearranging your schedule for your kids' important doctor appointments. It's crying together when your child receives a diagnosis you never saw coming. True love is genuine forgiveness.

True love is holding you all night while you cry because of hurt that your heart never even knew existed. It's protecting you when you didn't know you even needed protecting. It's admitting your mistakes.

True love is sleeping next to and praying over your baby boy every time he's scared. It's persevering through the hard times in your career to provide for your family. It's bringing you coffee in bed every single morning for 10 years. Every. Single. Morning.

True love takes practice. It's supporting your wife in a dream to own a business with her best friend. It's 3 am feedings in the NICU with your twin baby girls. It's talking you through a panic attack. It's saying I'm sorry and meaning it. It's taking care of your spouse's mom when she needs help. It's picking up the pieces after a nervous breakdown.

True love is holding my hand in awkward situations. It's taking the kids every time I have a migraine. It's paying medical bills rather than buying stuff for yourself. It's knowing without a shadow of a doubt that he will be there. No matter what.

True love is scrubbing your wife's white couch on your 10 year anniversary after your 3 year old colored the entire thing with red crayon.

Stephen. You are each one of these things and more. You are my one true love. Happy anniversary. Love, Katie

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