Happy Birthday to Me... I Think

Birthday Elise Real Life

After a crazy morning I am in the studio and I’m thinking about the fact my birthday is here. I am a whopping 35 year old. The big 3-5. THIRTY FIVE.

I’ve never had an issue with my birthday. I don’t expect a fuss. Just a little something that tells me I’m appreciated and that people care that I was born gives me all the happy feels.

But this year feels a bit different. I feel like at 35 there should be no more excuses. Like I should have all my mental and emotional drama figured out. After all I’m no longer a child. No longer a teenager. No longer a young adult. I’m am a full on raging adult who is now freaking out because I dont have it all figured out!!!! Insert a tiny bit of hyperventilation. See drama!

As I’m typing this I’m reminded of the wrinkles I’ve had on my forehead since I was a teen. I see them everyday. See I’ve got the curse of facial expressions. I can be completely silent and my face gives me away. I can hold my tongue but my face is out of control. So I’ve been dealing with forehead wrinkles and laugh lines for a long time. I’m reminded of them when my daughter touches my forehead and asks what the lines are. It’s very sweet and comes from true curiosity. Nothing mean. Now that my 35th birthday is here my wrinkles feel so permanent.

But that’s ok right? We’re meant to age. With age comes wisdom and I know a lot more than I knew back in my 20s. Heck more than even last year! Even though I don’t have I don’t have it all figured out... I have a lot of it figured out.

My sweet boy being BB8

I was talking with James, my hubby, last night and I’m so very grateful for all that I do have. My faith. My family. My friends. My business. Wow. I have all that I need and then some.

So as I face the day of this next year in my life I’m going to say CHEERS! Cheers to my wrinkles, to my wisdom, and cheers to welcoming 35!


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  • Rubby on

    Lisisita you are the best daughter and mama, the best and great wife,so don’t stop smiling and Congratulations again!!????

  • Kenny Pelletier on

    Where have 35 years gone! I remember you as the 4.5 lb. premie! So proud of you, my precious daughter! Love you always, Sweetie! Dad.

  • Liz Pelletier on

    Happy Birthday, Elise! I suspect that most people would say your beautiful smile stands out much more than any wrinkles you worry about. So, keep smiling!! Love, Mom ❤️

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