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Perhaps you were created for such a time as this. Esther 4:14

Have you seen our Esther tee from our newest collection? It’s basically my favorite tee ever. I’ve studied Esther before, but in this time and in this season of my life where I’m going through major, and I mean MAJOR valleys that just seem to be never ending and constantly getting deeper and deeper, Esther’s story is just hitting all the dark hidden places in my heart, you know what I mean?

But it also got me thinking about something else. Mommy judgement. I know, you’re thinking wait what?? I thought she was about to get all deep and personal? And one day I will, but today is not that day. Esther’s story has so many facets, so I promise I will make my point. Hang tight!

Elise and I have been really honest with ourselves recently about how often we assume things about other moms, or really women in general. (And before you say, what no way! Just admit it. We’re all humans, and you know you do it too.) Not only have we been honest about how often we assume and ultimately, judge, but also how often we feel intimidated and judged by other women.

You know the scenario. Sometimes it goes like this. you’re walking in to pick up your kid from school when you see another mom coming towards you. You smile and give a hey, and she just looks straight ahead instead of making eye contact with you. Ouch!! You get all in a tizzy over why she snubbed you.

But the scenario can also sometimes go like this. You’re walking in to get your kid from school. You’ve had a terrible day, your hair is disgusting, and you just got a text from your husband saying he had to schedule a last minute meeting and he’s not going to be home for bedtime. You see a mom coming towards you and she is looking so adorable. Clean hair, great jeans, and a smile on her face. Oh hell no am I making eye contact with her only to have her judge me for being a hot mess!

Don’t lie. Elise and I can’t be the only people that know this exact feeling!? When we are feeling awesome and confident, it’s significantly easier to extend a smile or a wave to another woman, and vice versa, when you’re feeling terrible about yourself, chances are you have no desire to be nice and friendly with some stranger who looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world. Truth of the matter is, that the girl looking awesome that day most likely just finally said FORGET THIS! She stopped killing herself with the social media pressures of being the perfect mom, she stuck her kids in front of the TV, fed them some goldfish for breakfast, and took some time to herself to take a shower and do her hair. And she would probably be more than willing to take the other mom’s kids for an hour and feed them goldfish and fill their heads with a movie so that the other mom could have an hour to herself to take a shower and do her hair!! But none of the facts get across in this exchange. Instead all that happens is both moms end up feeling snubbed and judged. And I’m pretty sure none of us intend to do that, whether we are the mom with the dirty hair or the clean hair, we really want to just all get along and find friends that we can do life with. Am I right?

And this my friends is where Esther comes in. “Perhaps you were created for such a time as this.” What if I started living my life like every moment was God-given. What if I started believing that God has laid out my destiny and all I have to do is listen. What if I chose to be motivated by what my actions could mean for others, as opposed to the sacrifices that I might have to make for myself. What if I stepped out of my comfort zone and walked in the confidence of my salvation, rather than constantly operating out of fear of the unknown.

What if I started having the confidence that God put me here, at this school, to walk in to get my kid, to smile at a mom I know nothing about, and exchange genuine kindness that could possibly lead to a life long friendship. What if...What if the mom you were so intimidated by was also so intimidated by you? What if you both put that aside and actually got to know each other? What if it turned out that you both had tons in common and became fast friends? What if those two moms decided to start a business that ended up being one of the best gifts that God has ever given them?

I don’t know, Elise - what if? What if we were created for such a time as this.

If you have never read Esther. Go do it now! And then comment below and tell us what you think!



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