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Before Charm and Grace Designs actually became Charm and Grace Designs it was totally a dream in our heads that we talked about in between conversations about potty training and sight words. I'll never forget one day after running we were driving to get coffee and fantasizing about what it would be like to have our own business that would allow for us to go shopping and play dress up as our jobs!!! Specifically, we were totally gushing over the chance to get to go to Market in Dallas and swoon over the amazing boutique clothing lines that are out there.

More than the fun of getting to shop for amazing clothes, we absolutely loved the idea of styling each piece and showing our customers and followers how to choose the right pieces for their bodies that will make them feel gorgeous and confident.

Over the summer, we did a test run with an amazing top and maxi dress. We had fun, our customers loved their new clothes, and thus, the planning went into full effect for how to make boutique clothing a regular part of our business. So here we are now, almost exactly 7 months to the day since we launched our very first statement tee, and we are rolling out the boutique portion of our business!! And we are EXCITED!! Hey, it wouldn’t be Charm and Grace Designs if we weren’t excited!! Before we get going, there are a few things we want you to know about our boutique pieces and some things you can always count on when shopping with us.

When it comes to online shopping, fit and quality are always our biggest concerns, so we want to take all the guess work out of the equation. When we are offering a piece of clothing, then it means this is a style that Elise and I have inspected, tried on, and that we wear in our daily lives as busy moms, wives, and business owners. It’s not just something that we order and throw on the website. We have seen it, felt it, washed it, and worn it. Elise and I have very different body styles. Elise is lean and wears a size 2-4. I am curvy and wear a size 8-10. We will show you honestly how each piece fits us, and how we wear it and style it.

We want these gorgeous pieces to be affordable for the everyday woman, so we will do our best to keep our prices reasonable. Many of our tops will be less than $30! WHAT?!?! I know, it’s awesome!! So, you might be wondering, how can we keep these prices so low when our statement tees start at $28? Well, let me explain. Our statement tees are completely ours from start to finish. They begin with inspiration from our actual lives. Then we design the graphics, order sample tees, make mock ups, choose a final product, and style the tee as different outfits. Then comes advertising and marketing and the production of the tee. Something you may not realize is that, with the exception of a few designs that we have had screen printed due to volume (thank you!), Elise and I literally produce all of our tees. We use professional-grade heat transfer vinyl and industrial heat presses. This is extremely labor intensive, but we do it because we are control freaks. Just kidding. Kind of. But truly, we do it because we care about every detail, and we want to be sure we can sleep at night, no matter what, because we are confident that we shipped out an amazing statement tee where every detail was carefully executed from the very first idea that inspired it and down to the very last seal on the packaging.

Our statement tees are our babies and the price reflects the love and work that goes into each one. The boutique pieces, while we love them, require significantly less physical work on our end. We shop, play dress up, show you how we like to wear it and style it, do some marketing, and ship them out! It’s a very short process, and as a result, we are able to keep our prices super affordable.

I think that about covers it! If you have any other questions, please reach out! We love hearing from our customers, and we know you will love shopping with us!!


Katie and Elise

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